The lack of esignature policies–and the sense of certainty they provide– is the number 1 reason for delaying critical digital transformation initiatives. The eSignature Policies site is a free service from K6 Partners LLC designed to give transformation leaders a resource for learning more about esignature policy design.

Who needs an esignature policy?

Digital policies are essential to addressing risks and uncertainties that come with any major shift in operating dynamics. The process of implementing any electronic solution will require answers to many questions that have never come up before, such as:
What documents will we sign electronically?


What documents will we accept electronically?


How do we authenticate electronically signed and stored records?


Whose workflow will we acknowledge in a multi-party transaction?


How do we control when and how we create a digital workflow?


How will we retain and preserve electronic records?

Whether you’re converting a single paper process or are fundamentally transforming your organization, you will need to guide your employees, customers, constituents and relying parties in adapting to your new digital channel.

Go go the policy library.